17 08 2013


Video | Keep Drifting Fun Teaser

29 02 2012

If you recall we reported a long time ago the KDF guys came to Texas on their trip across the nation to film a drifting documentary. We hooked up with them and took them out to the famous graveyard spot and gave them a chance to get some killer footage of some Texas street driving. Well the teaser is finally out with multiple Team Silhouette appearances, cant wait for the dvd to hit!

Video | Preseason

23 01 2012

2011 Comes To A Close

17 12 2011

We will just go ahead and start by saying it has been one crazy year. Everybody on our team has stepped it up multiple notches when it comes down to driving and car builds. Multiple blown motors and podium finishes later we finally made it all the way through 2011. Our drivers set out to make a fierce presence in Texas as the team to beat, and after the first season of the Lone Star Drift Formula D Pro-am series came to an end we feel that we have proved our point.

We are very proud to announce that two of our drivers have secured 2012 professional Formula Drift licenses. Robert Lee and Brad Burnett both drove consistent and amazing all year long for them to snag 2 out of 4 licenses up for grabs.

Brad Burnett leading Chelsea DeNofa LSD RD 2

Rob Laying it down in Chris' SR86 @ RD 3

Justin Garner also finished strong in the series in 5th place overall just one spot away from acquiring an FD license. Justin had a tough year with blown motors and other mechanical failures, but stayed determined and drove 7 events placing top 8 in all during 2011. He now has a fully built SR20 and feels like next year is the year to shine with hopes of keeping all the car issues in the past.

Justin leading a 3 car tandem train.

Our young gun and muscle of the team Luis Rodriguez has been stepping his game and his car up all year. He secured 8th place in points with a 4th place finish at Texas Motor Speedway for round 4. Watch for him on your quarter panel in 2012.

Luis repping hard at RD 2

Team Silhouette’s king of the streets Nacho Mendoza started the season off strong with a 3rd and 6th place finish in the first two rounds. His car suffered some battle damage and a blown motor afterwards and he retired the car for the season. But dont worry he will be back next year with a fresh S15 SR20 and some new goodies. He also managed to take home 1st place in two events in NOLA at No Problem Raceway in a borrowed car, don’t tread lightly if facing this guy in tandem next year.

Nacho shredding on Shredder

And last but not least Chris Lee. This guy set out with a big goal in building his SR86 Corolla and didn’t let anything stop him doing all the custom work himself. This thing ripped at round 3. From a built sr20, to custom mounted s13 front and rear subframes, this thing is basically a s13 with a corolla body. We hope to see this beast run the entire season next year.

Chris using those home brewwed knuckles.

In conclusion this year has been pretty damn amazing; a year for the books, but next year can only get better. Look for the entire team to dominate those points standings next year and keeping our crown as the “Drift Team of Texas”. Thanks to all our fans for the support and all the love we get with our Street Drifting videos. We’ll see y’all in 2012.

XDC @ Texas Motor Speedway

2 11 2011

Justin of Team Silhouette headed to Fort Worth Texas back in September to compete in the final round of the Xtreme Drift Circuit 2011 Season. This was his first event competing against major drivers that XDC produces on a nation wide scale.

Justin, Nacho, Robert, and Fasial arrived at the track on a Friday morning to get tech-ed in and do some final preparations as the car had been worked on all week to achieve more power with bigger injectors, mass air flow, more boost, and ecu upgrades. Practice started and it took a few laps to get the hang of the road course. The whole weekend consisted of testing what tires we could spin that we had available.

A few rough laps, but things started coming along.

The crew felt good about Fridays practice session and were ready for Saturday. As Saturday rolled around we were able to get in a few practice runs before qualifying would start.

Qualifying time rolled around and push came to shove as Justin stepped up his game and landed a score to put him in 8th position against a great field of drivers. He also tied for fastest entry speed of 82 mph with Sikky driver Dan Savage in his ls powered s13.

Top 16 ceremony took place in front of the huge crowd that was on hand.

Justin’s first battle was against non other than his Texas rival Fielding Shredder, the script could of not been laid about better with the history these two drivers have.

Justin laid down a clean lead run, and mistakes were made on both driver’s parts in the next run where Justin was awarded the victory and would move on to top 8 against the XDC Champion Chelsea DeNofa.

Things were fairly evenly matched until Justin was leading, blew an oil line, caught fire in the engine bay, and spun a rod bearing.

Chelsea DeNofa went on to win his second XDC Championship after that, and Justin took home a respectable 7th place in his first XDC outing. Justin had a blast, learned a lot, and got some good track experience for round 4 of the FabricatedMotorsports pro am series that will also be held there in December. Thanks go out to all of Justin’s sponsors including Stance Autoworks, Spec Clutch, Cee-San Machine and Fab, gripRoyal, Enjuku Racing, and Status One Autoworks.

Videos | Iniquity | Houston Street Drifting

26 07 2011

Full edit to the teaser I put up a few months ago. We kept an eye on this spot for awhile until we were able to finally “get permission” and made our move. A watchful eye was kept seeing as there was only one way in and out. I’ve been wanting to do a follow up warehouse video similar to Entropy and this was finally our chance (and it doesn’t come around often). We filmed for a total of an hour and 40 minutes of that was us walking around determining the line, me getting B roll footage and putting everyone in the right places. Very much a team effort not just in the driving. Hope you enjoy, it will be awhile until another video gets posted since everyones cars are getting pretty banged up from this season.

Music: Broadcast – Dead the Long Year
Directed, Filmed, Edited, and Colored by: henryswasey.com
Drifters: teamsilhouette.com

Drift Events | Tear Da Club Up – LSD Round 2

5 07 2011


Top 16:

Then this happened.

Nacho Advances to top 8

5 OMTs later our bro Chris Conley got revenge and beat Robert.

Brad took out Cody Woods in the battle wagon.

Luis lost to XDC champ Chelsea DeNofa in a well driven battle on both parts.

Justin advanced over number 3 qualifier Robert Turnbow in the kandy drippin cressy.

Great Eight:

Nacho beat Justin in a Silhouette battle to advance to top 4.

Brad got the win over Spencer in the SOHC KA-T S14

Final Four:

Brock White got the win over Nacho and went on to win round 2.

Chelsea advanced over Brad in a smoke filled tandem shred fest.

Battle for 3rd:

Brad spun giving nacho 3rd place.

Nacho – 3rd
Brad – 4th
Justin – 8th
4 Team Silhouette drivers in top 8 of points.

The End.


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