Team silhouette was established in 2006 in Houston Texas. We are just a small group of close friends that love drifting and pushing eachother to the next level. contact us at teamsilhouette@gmail.com

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28 07 2010
Tony C

My name is Tony….and i just found out about you guys. Looks like there is a lot about houston i didnt know about in the 19 years i lived there. Afriend from home (Bryan) told me about this drifting team…and i wanted to see what you are about, and how you do things. i am currently in Japan and am into drifting. ive got an S14 with an SR20. looks like i will have some competition when i go back to the states to show off what i learned out here in Japan……but i def. look forward to it.

There wouldnt be any way i could get one of y’alls decals so i can represent for you out here is there….just a thought…

28 07 2010

send me a email with your info to teamsilhouette@gmail.com and we will send you some stickers as soon as our next batch is made

19 08 2010

Yo if you guys want a 2nd gen rx7 on your squad, then hit me up at Chillin.and.illin@gmail.com

27 01 2011
Ryan Hall

Wow, I hope you guys still check this. It looks like it stays fairly current. I have been a 240SX enthusiast for about 7 years. I currently have a 91 Hatch shell that I will have a RB25DET in it and ready to roll hopefully by mid February. Having little knowledge on how to actually drift and hoping I could get some direction on what moves to make as I upgrade my engine throughout the year. I hope to hear back from you soon and even look forward to drifting with you all one day. mrweathers@live.com

2 02 2011

I’m a resident In the Houston area, and have seen a bunch of yalls videos, would def like to come out and catch y’all at practice, i drive a 97 TT Supra, keep posting the awesome vids

10 03 2011

Nice work! Relocating to houston in the next few months with my RB25 S14.


Would also like some stickers one day :p

1 09 2011

hey my name is kris ive been looking to join a drift crew i have a 89 240sx white on black i live in houston and i am hosting a carshow on saturday at 8pm at the conns on fm 1960 and i45 if your willing to let me in or wanna come out to the carshow add me on facebook it called houston drifters

26 02 2012
Ross Le

Hey guys. My name is Ross and I’ve met a couple of you from previous Planet Zero meets and one of you from a party my friend hosted.

I drive a Black Z31 300ZX, it’s N/A but I’m not scared to try to push it. I am very familiar with drifting but haven’t had a car powerful enough to push me to learn further. I play Live for Speed frequently, one of the best simulators I’ve ever played and I have a G25 to play it.

I’ve drifted my car a couple times in the rain, behind a warehouse or two. And I’ve always been trying to find people who aren’t afraid to drift in Houston, like y’all! Your videos inspire me to learn more but I want you guys to help me out. Thanks!! Ross

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