XDC @ Texas Motor Speedway

2 11 2011

Justin of Team Silhouette headed to Fort Worth Texas back in September to compete in the final round of the Xtreme Drift Circuit 2011 Season. This was his first event competing against major drivers that XDC produces on a nation wide scale.

Justin, Nacho, Robert, and Fasial arrived at the track on a Friday morning to get tech-ed in and do some final preparations as the car had been worked on all week to achieve more power with bigger injectors, mass air flow, more boost, and ecu upgrades. Practice started and it took a few laps to get the hang of the road course. The whole weekend consisted of testing what tires we could spin that we had available.

A few rough laps, but things started coming along.

The crew felt good about Fridays practice session and were ready for Saturday. As Saturday rolled around we were able to get in a few practice runs before qualifying would start.

Qualifying time rolled around and push came to shove as Justin stepped up his game and landed a score to put him in 8th position against a great field of drivers. He also tied for fastest entry speed of 82 mph with Sikky driver Dan Savage in his ls powered s13.

Top 16 ceremony took place in front of the huge crowd that was on hand.

Justin’s first battle was against non other than his Texas rival Fielding Shredder, the script could of not been laid about better with the history these two drivers have.

Justin laid down a clean lead run, and mistakes were made on both driver’s parts in the next run where Justin was awarded the victory and would move on to top 8 against the XDC Champion Chelsea DeNofa.

Things were fairly evenly matched until Justin was leading, blew an oil line, caught fire in the engine bay, and spun a rod bearing.

Chelsea DeNofa went on to win his second XDC Championship after that, and Justin took home a respectable 7th place in his first XDC outing. Justin had a blast, learned a lot, and got some good track experience for round 4 of the FabricatedMotorsports pro am series that will also be held there in December. Thanks go out to all of Justin’s sponsors including Stance Autoworks, Spec Clutch, Cee-San Machine and Fab, gripRoyal, Enjuku Racing, and Status One Autoworks.

Drift Events | Tear Da Club Up – LSD Round 2

5 07 2011


Top 16:

Then this happened.

Nacho Advances to top 8

5 OMTs later our bro Chris Conley got revenge and beat Robert.

Brad took out Cody Woods in the battle wagon.

Luis lost to XDC champ Chelsea DeNofa in a well driven battle on both parts.

Justin advanced over number 3 qualifier Robert Turnbow in the kandy drippin cressy.

Great Eight:

Nacho beat Justin in a Silhouette battle to advance to top 4.

Brad got the win over Spencer in the SOHC KA-T S14

Final Four:

Brock White got the win over Nacho and went on to win round 2.

Chelsea advanced over Brad in a smoke filled tandem shred fest.

Battle for 3rd:

Brad spun giving nacho 3rd place.

Nacho – 3rd
Brad – 4th
Justin – 8th
4 Team Silhouette drivers in top 8 of points.

The End.

Events | GGP Chill Session

8 06 2011

A few of the boys strolled on over to Gulf Greyhound Park this past weekend to put down a few laps and bro out. Check out some of the media coverage, and thanks too all the photographers that with stood the over 100 degree temps.

Events | Crawfish and Cowboys

25 05 2011

You’re boys from the lone star state decided to bring the heat to another state. The state of Louisiana was where we set out sights and invaded. Nacho, Justin, Luis, and Tony hit the road to swamp land followed by our friends over at Stance Autobody. The crew got out of Houston late and decided to make a pit stop on Baton Rouge for the night around 1 am to get some rest for the next day events where Justin, and a Nacho/Luis CO-Drive team would look to dominate.

The Event was held at No Problem Raceway on the famous “Peanut” section. The staff was very friendly, but the judging and overall system of the drifting portion event was somewhat odd, doing best 2 out of 3 instead of one more time battles; but in the end it was all in good fun.

Practice went well and for the most part. Justin’s motor was pouring out blow by from the valve cover but he continued on with a not quite “up to par” performing car. Qualifying took place but nobody was informed of where they placed; it seemed our friend Kim Tran from NOLA placed 1st in the qualifying session in the Nissan 350z from what we could tell.

The crew getting prepared and discussing details for the upcoming competition in the pits. Photo credit goes to APEXUS Blog

On to the event. Nacho faced off against John aka ill_sill in a borrowed car. Nacho stayed close in his following run and John spun in the next run while chasing.

Luis went against Lance in his built 30R KAT, Luis bobbled on his following entry and Lance advanced.

And in the end of the first round match ups, Justin took on Ian in his purple sr powered s13 coupe. Justin layed the pressure on in the first run following and Ian spun; and the the next run Ian went off course on entry when following giving Justin a bump to the next round.

Now unfortunately this placed Nacho against Justin in the semi finals where the winner would move onto the finals. The boys laid it down with some super close tandems and it was too hard for the judges to call. This caused the dynamic duo to run tandem 8 + times while having to take a break with engine temps reaching over 230 + degrees.

Finally in the final run with Justin leading, his car hit fuel cut and straightened after being abused for multiple laps and Nacho headed on to the finals to rep his team, city, and state in the battle for first place.

Nacho put on his game face against Lance in the built KAT and laid down a clean lead run. It was time to put him down and Nacho laid down some serious pressure in his follow run getting super close to Lance which seem to phase him and force a spin giving Nacho the win and overall victory.

Congrats to Nacho for taking home the grand prize, and Justin for reaching 3rd in the battle of the bayou and swamp land boys. See ya’ll round.

Drift Events | Silhouette Takes Top Honors

8 03 2011

All I have to say is, it was one rad ass weekend. The team got our caged drivers together; Robert, Nacho, Brad, and Justin and headed out the GGP for round 1 of the Texas LoneStarDrift series.

In top 16 Robert went against Chris from Gaijin Smash, who we have to say is one awesome dude with a great attitude. Robert advanced in a very close battle and went into the next round. Brad faced off against our bro from Victoria Robert Turnbow in the 400hp Cressy and advanced. Nacho advanced of Justin Hosek in the 20v powered 86. And finally Justin went against Fielding Shredder and advanced to the next round.

So phew, we all made it to top 8 right? Well in this round we all got placed against eachother. Robert Vs Justin and Brad VS Nacho.

Robert and Justin had a super close battle; justin’s clutch started slipping real bad causing mistakes and they were forced into a one more time round. Justin bobbled the entry when following on round two and Robert was just too perfect with his driving and went on to top 4.

Brad and Nacho was super close as well. Both dudes drove awesome and i think it came down to Brad was just a little bit closer with his follow run.

Making our way into top 4 we had Robert Lee and Brad Burnett. Robert went up against ae86 brother Will Parsons in his freshly turbo charged f20 motor. Will eventually lost his front bumper in the super close runs causing a huge mistake on his end. Robert advanced to the finals.

Next up was Brad against Chelsea Denofa 2010 XDC series champ. This battle was pretty insane, and close. It ended up going OMT and the edge was given to Chelsea in what many thought the call could of went either way.

Before we got to the finals Brad battled it out with roomate Will parsons and took home 3rd place in another awesome close match up.

So what do you know, its Robert against Chelsea in the finals, AGAIN. Thats 3 events in a row. Chelsea led first and Robert put down a decent follow run doing his best to keep up with the high horsepower M3 beast. Follow up run in the first sweeper Chelsea came in too hot following and hit Robert causing a spin and thus giving Robert his 1st ever win! He now stands first in points in the LSD Drift Series.

Check our Facebook for more photos and videos!

Thanks To Apexus Blog, TMphotography and wfsu.net for some of the pics.

Drift Events | Silhouette Wrecks Shop Once More

29 11 2010

Team Silhouette rounded the heard up this Sunday for the FabricatedMotorsports.com drift event. Robert, Nacho, Brad, Eman, Justin, and Cody all drove and did great. Now on to the comp, nacho was not able to compete due to lack of a cage, but was tandeming all day and killing it.

Qualifying resulted in Robert taking the 2nd seed in his 113 hp Corolla that was dyno’d at Power Fab Automotive the day before. Brad took the 5th spot in the V8 Corolla, and Justin rounded out the team in the 6th seed.

The first battle was Robert vs Aarin? in his caged, knuckled mustang. Robert took the win with ease with the mustang spinning. Next up was Justin paired against the infamous Stewart Leask in his LS1 powered S13. The battle went to “one more time” where Justin took the advantage with super close follow runs and took the win. And finally Brad took on Josh Steele and took the win, apparently Mr. Neverslo straightened up but i cant confirm.

On to the final four. Brad faced Chelsea DeNofa XDC 2010 champion in his turbo M3. Brad laid down some good runs but unfortunately made a mistake in his follow run, Chelsea advanced. Next up was a rematch of teammates from the Angelton event to make it to the finals to face Chelsea, Robert VS Justin. This battle went to one more time, where Justin made a mistake and straightened on a follow run, giving Robert the victory and moving him into the finals.

Brad and Justin battled it out for third place and Justin took the win due to having horrible 16s on and being too slow with no traction causing Brad to straighten on a follow run haha.

Chelsea And Robert squared off in the finals. With some super intense close runs, going one more time, and even hitting each other, the XDC Champion took the top of the podium.

Overall Robert finished 2nd, Justin 3rd, and Brad 4th all taking home a chunk of cash.

Media will be posted soon so keep checking for updates! Team Silhouette would also like to thank ARKEM Apparel for sponsoring Justin, Brad, and Robert for the event; and supplying the team with shirts. We are looking forward to working with them for next years FabricatedMotorsports drift series. Check them out at http://www.arkemapparel.com

Dope Stuff | Where It All Started

26 10 2010

This had to been atleast back in 2007, the first DailyDrifter.com team tandem event where the team was really first born. Ended up placing 4th overall.

Robert, Nacho, Justin

Single cams, cut springs, welded diffs, and spray paint. Ahh the good ol days.

Justin and Nacho both in borrowed cars.


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