Video | Keep Drifting Fun Teaser

29 02 2012

If you recall we reported a long time ago the KDF guys came to Texas on their trip across the nation to film a drifting documentary. We hooked up with them and took them out to the famous graveyard spot and gave them a chance to get some killer footage of some Texas street driving. Well the teaser is finally out with multiple Team Silhouette appearances, cant wait for the dvd to hit!

Video | Preseason

23 01 2012

Videos | Iniquity | Houston Street Drifting

26 07 2011

Full edit to the teaser I put up a few months ago. We kept an eye on this spot for awhile until we were able to finally “get permission” and made our move. A watchful eye was kept seeing as there was only one way in and out. I’ve been wanting to do a follow up warehouse video similar to Entropy and this was finally our chance (and it doesn’t come around often). We filmed for a total of an hour and 40 minutes of that was us walking around determining the line, me getting B roll footage and putting everyone in the right places. Very much a team effort not just in the driving. Hope you enjoy, it will be awhile until another video gets posted since everyones cars are getting pretty banged up from this season.

Music: Broadcast – Dead the Long Year
Directed, Filmed, Edited, and Colored by:

Video | Raw III

3 06 2011

Video | Raw II

26 02 2011

Another quick edit thrown together by to keep the masses at ease.

Video | Interlude

4 08 2010

So it’s been 1 year since we first started uploading videos of our exploits in and around the city of Houston, TX. We’ve come quite a ways since our first video and a few hits like Entropy and Coppice were produced during this time. We hope you all have enjoyed our work thus far! Your support is what keeps us going!

We got some plans to collaborate work with our favorite local blog Mayday Garage, so stay tuned for that ;). For now, here’s the latest teaser to come from Henry Swasey.

Video | Fabricated Motorsports Practice Event. La Marque, TX

26 06 2010

Been really busy but it’s finally done.

Song: Psyche Origami – Dead Right


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